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Mauritania Airlines, All Destinations and Flights Routes

National Level :

The national network of Mauritania Airlines flights extends through the 3 main cities of Mauritania. From Nouakchott the political capital of the country, you can reach Nouadhibou, a very special peninsula between desert and sea and also the arid city of Zouerate surrounded by vast trays of minerals.

International Level:

Mauritania Airlines invites you to travel to more than 10 major cities of the African continent. Behind every trip to Africa, lies a whole world to discover.

From Bamako to Freetown via Abidjan, Mauritania Airlines offers you a large number of surprising destinations:

Land in Casablanca and ride a camel through the Morocco's sand dunes. Direction Tunis to taste a real Tunisian couscous. Why not head to Brazzaville and dive in the wildlife of the Democratic Republic of Congo ?

Visit Dakar and dance on the rhythm of the M'balax music in Senegal. Make a stop in Conakry and discover the magnificent landscapes of Guinea.

An itinerary of sharing and meetings is awaiting for you in Benin, with a warm welcome from the people of Cotonou.

The network of Mauritania Airlines flights extends even to Europe, in Spain. Why not discover the Canary Islands and have a pill on the beaches of Las Palmas.


You choose your destination, your adventure, your memories ... for an imminent departure!

List of all National Destinations:




List of all International Destinations:

Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Bamako (Mali)

Brazzaville (RDC)

Casablanca (Morocco)

Conakry (Guinea)

Cotonou (Benin)

Dakar (Senegal)

Las Palmas (Spain)

Tunis (Tunisia)

Freetown (Sierra Leone)

All Mauritania Airlines Flights Schedules are available on our page Destinations, or via The Following Link.

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